At Moore Time, we are proud to have expert repair technicians and a Master Clockmaker with the ability and experience to repair and restore all kinds of clocks, watches and music boxes. From heirloom antiques to new models, we guarantee our work and warranty all repairs. We have the expertise to honestly and comprehensively provide you with estimates for necessary repairs; and even craft missing parts for your loved clocks, from gears to wooden cases and beyond. We are one of the only repair shops in America with a professional woodcarver on hand that can authentically replace hand-crafted wooden parts for your damaged clocks. Item can be dropped, or damaged during moves, but that is no reason to lose a treasured family heirloom.

We hold a high standard for our shop, and are dedicated to providing quality, honest service at all times. We are proud to stand behind our repairs, and will not suggest unnecessary work in our estimates. We are also happy to answers any questions you may have about your clock and its history/value.

A list of some of the repairs we specialize in:

  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Cuckoo Clocks
  • General Clock Repair and Restoration
  • Antiques
  • Mechanical Movements
  • Quartz Movements (battery operated)
  • Personal Estimates
  • House Calls within 100 miles of the shop
  • Insurance Repairs and Appraisals
  • Watch Repair
  • Music Box repair and Song changes
  • Friendly Online advice for clock enthusiasts and collectors

In Store Drop Off

We offer free estimates on any repair you bring in. Simply leave your contact information with a clerk, and we will check in your timepiece or music box for analysis. Many estimates can be provided while you wait. Other repairs can entail extensive mechanical work in which we need to dismantle a portion of the clock to fully diagnose to give you a full description of work needed, in order to avoid additional charges.

We strive to provide quality service in a timely fashion. Please keep in mind that we have hundreds of clocks in for repair from around the world (thanks to the expertise of our Clockmakers). A repair can take anywhere from hours to weeks to complete, so patience is a must while having your clock or watch properly serviced or restored. Our goal is to be thorough above being fast.

Clock Restoration

When we repair a clock, great care is taken to ensure that the result is a healthy, dependable clock. It first goes through a thorough examination by one of our trained experts to determine any wear or special concerns. Next, the clock is expertly dismantled to allow for a complete cleaning process in an ultrasonic bath, much like a jeweler uses to clean fine jewelry. After the parts are cleaned, they are re-examined for wear or damage, and any failing parts are replaced or restored. Main springs are re-stretched, bushings replaced and pivots polished as needed. The clock is then reassembled, oiled at points of friction, and put back in the case. If wanted, case cleaning and restoration is also done. The clocks are then set in beat with their pendulums (if applicable) and hung on the wall or placed on a level shelf for testing and timing adjustments. This may take several weeks to months depending on the type of clock. Some need very small, time-consuming adjustments and observation to complete this process.

Servicing Mechanical Clocks

Many people are not aware of the need to service winding clocks on a regular schedule. It was the small print in your owner’s manual!

Floor clocks should be cleaned and oiled at least every 2 to 3 years. Mantle and Wall Clocks should be oiled at least every 3 to 5 years. Regular oiling is critical to the clocks ability to keep time and run properly. Over time dust and debris can work its way into moving parts and lodge in the gears, creating a powerful abrasive that wears away at the movement (just like in your car’s engine). This will eventually cause the clock to slow, and then malfunction. They may continue to run in this condition; but if neglected, more serious wear can occur, increasing cost of repair if unattended.

If you feel confident in maintaining and oiling your own timepiece, please make sure when oiling that a clock that proper oil is used. This can be purchased in our clock service center. Never use spray lubricants like wd-40 on clocks. Clock oil is a particular consistency, and specially blended not to break down during the long term lubrication that clocks need. We are happy to share advice on clock maintenance as well.